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GBS Tequila Limon beard oil has a mouth watering tequila aroma with lemon lime afternotes.


You've seen how the Mexican's party, right? Well let your beard party in the same fashion! This new oil from Grave Before Shave will have Trump building a wall around your beard to keep the ladies out - "and we'll make the ladies pay for it!". 


This product is best used after a light beard wash and dry. We recommend a specific strategy behind washing your beard;


1. Use Grave Before Shave's legendary beard shampoo - it will soften your beard, allowing water to flow through it like water off a duck's back.


2. Use Dude Hut's GBS Tequila Lemon Beard Oil to apply it into your hands and rub for a few minutes (the beard oil), then run your palms through your beard and ensure all the oil on your hands has transferred over to your beard.


The third and final step is to arm yourself with necessary equipment to avoid the ladies lobbing themselves at you like your a 70% Kmart sale.


Get your beard fix from the Dude Hut today -


Tequila Limon Beard Oil 1oz

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