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Suavecito / Kent 8" Large Handmade Comb w/ Handle

This is a gentleman's comb and with it's course teeth will run through your hair effortlessly. Use for easy application of pomade to your hair. Finish your look with one of our other fine toothed combs to lock it all down! 

  • Suavecito X Kent Brushes Collaboration
  • 8" Large Handmade Comb w/ Handle
  • Course Teeth
  • Smooth, Rounded Teeth Massage Your Scalp, Stimulating the Hair Cuticle's Natural Oils
  • Saw-cut By Hand
  • Classic Design
  • Great for First Pomade Application of the Day


Suavecito X Kent Half Comb Large

$29.99 Regular Price
$22.49Sale Price
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