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It’s been proven that combing the hair everyday can drastically make your hair healthier, feel better and look it’s greatest. Seriously, combing stimulates the natural oil production of your scalp to give your hair a healthy shine and protection from harm. It’s a no brainer that you will want a quality comb to use when combing daily. This is it.

The Suavecito Deluxe Metal Pocket Comb is great for medium to thick hair types and for working different styling products into your hair effortlessly. This is the perfect comb whether it's for your daily carry, for a business trip, vacation or just at home. Our combs are built tough so that you never have to worry if it will make it through the adventure.

  • Strong aluminum metal combs
  • Perfect for medium to thick hair types
  • Lightweight and portable without sacrificing sturdiness
  • Tested and approved by your friends here at Suavecito Pomade
  • 168 mm length

Suavecito deluxe metal comb 6-3/4" 168mm

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