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Established 1849 in the USA, This is a premium water based, medium hold pomade contains hemp oil to condition and moisturise your hair.


Vitamins & fatty acids in the hemp oil promote healthy scalps.




So while you are looking cool all day, Gold Rush is looking after your scalp.



Unlike the early days of prospecting when scalpping was the flavour of the day.




The impressivly embossed 4.5oz/128gm tin is also handy for storing your hemp once empty.





Prospectors Gold Rush 4.5oz (128gm)

  • This product is purchased at the discretion of the buyer. Dude Hut ensures the very best quality of it's products however we can not ensure that you will use this product the way it is intended.. Because we have no control over you. Please use the product properly and maturely. It is not a tool, it is an instrument.

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