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Are you scanning through our product list thinking "Hmmm.. I dont want anything too serious, or anything that is going to look like I have pomade in my hair - but I want something that will look natural and free flowing without leaving my hair dry and clumpy" ... Well lucky you stumbled across this page.


Louie. By Elite is strategically formulated for a natural, free flowing look. It leaves you hair clean and tidy without a clumpy "used too much pomade" look. 


There is however one down side which we have experienced with this product and it pains us to admit it..... When we used this product, we chose a walking path which went past all the gyms in the area, Fernwood Fitness, Fitness 24/7 etc. and we found a huge issue. All the fit ladies get incredibly attracted to our hair and chase us through every road in the area in order to get a piece of what we have to offer. This product will make your hair simply irresistable to that ladies. So everytime we use it, we have to take a pretty long stick to defend ourselves.. What a crazy world we live in.


Louie. By Elite - Matte Clay

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