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Traditional petrolatum and beezwax inspired formula with added minerals and carrot oils (because carrots help you see in the dark) for hair and scalp conditioning. We use petrolatum, not petrolium. But if we were using petrolium it would be 98 octane because this is the best stuff readily available on the market. Similar to petrolium, this product increases your efficiency and makes your hair hold longer. It cleans your 'engine' (being your scalp) and allows all dandruff like sedement in your fuel lines to be removed. Purely great stuff.


KingBrown Original Pomade

SKU: 026
  • This product is purchased at the discretion of the buyer. Dude Hut ensures the very best quality of it's products however we can not ensure that you will use this product the way it is intended.. Because we have no control over you. Please use the product properly and maturely. It is not a tool, it is an instrument.

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