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Stuck in an office pushing buttons all day and wishing you were as manly as your beard? GBS Pine scent beard oil gives you a pleasent pine scent so everyone thinks youve been out chopping lumber and felling trees but really youve been at home grooming your beards and manscaping your edges like the true legend you are.

GBS Beard Oil: Pine Scent 1oz

  • Contains all natural ingredients that condition, moisturize and strengthen those precious beard hairs promoting healthy growth. It is also designed to condition the skin under your beard preventing dandruff and flaking to keep your beard's life comfortable - the way it should be.

  • This product is purchased at the discretion of the buyer. Dude Hut ensures the very best quality of it's products however we can not ensure that you will use this product the way it is intended.. Because we have no control over you. Please use the product properly and maturely. It is not a tool, it is an instrument.

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