I bet your currently paying $26.00 for a pack of four replacement razors for your $13.00 holder. 


Dude Hut's classic shaving kit allows you to have your manliness on display in your bathroom. Rather than having your dirty used razor next to your mates toothbrush that he left there six months ago, you can have a cut throat razor, brush and stainless bowl on offer in your bathroom just to let every know that you aren't here to mess around. 



Classic shaving kit

SKU: 001
  • The very best quality shaving equipment supplied and used by the very best quality barbers available. If you want to have a professional cut on your face, this is the product for you.

  • This product is purchased at the discretion of the buyer. Dude Hut ensures the very best quality of it's products however we can not ensure that you will use this product the way it is intended.. Because we have no control over you. Please use the product properly and maturely. It is not a tool, it is an instrument.

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