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There is always that one mate who everyone is disappointed in due to his lack of beard growth. But if you've got a friend who is mourning his lack of manliness then we, at The Dude Hut, recommend that you buy him these Beard Fertiliser supplements. These supplement pills have no side affects excluding the constant women that will be knocking your door down and the overflowing amount of letters from Ryan Gosling asking "How do I get as many girls as you?!" If you aren't use to rejecting women, I'd get your book of chivalry out, because you'll be needing it. "It's like Dynamic Lifter for your manhood" - The New York Columnist "An interesting product, hopefully it helps me get more ladies" - Leonardo DiCaprio "No I won't review your product, get out of my bathroom" - Ricky Gervais

Beardiliser Supplements

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