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The Beard Growth Solution is, wait for it.... A solution to Beard Growth (***boom*** mind blown). If your best mate is a ball of disappointment on a torso with legs attached then we advise a dose of Beard Growth Solution. Here are a few friendly Dude Hut tips to consulting your best mate to improve his facial girth: Step 1: Consult his Mother; perhaps his Mother wanted a daughter and is only doing her best to compromise. Step 2: Consult your poor excuse of a mate; if your mate doesn't feel comfortable trying any of the Beard Growth stimulant product, we advise purchasing some of Dude Hut's trademark hardening concrete to reduce his emotions and fast forward his manhood (ie. harden the fudgecake up). Step 3: The Solution; give your mate Dude Hut's Beardiliser Beard Growth Solution Step 4: Capitalise on female company, get money - Biggie Smalls.

Beardiliser Beard Growth Solution

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