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A good beard is one that is well taken care of. A great beard is one that uses serum! This unscented recipe is made up from natural ingredients to ensure you have healthy, well maintained facial hair or mustache. Made from natural ingredients, such as Argan Oil, which is most commonly used to make hair softer, silkier and shinier naturally. It is the ideal hair conditioner to tame frizzy hair. Use this beard oil to condition your beard or your mustache. It is unscented for all day comfort. Works for any beard style or mustache style.


Proudly made in the United States.



  • Softens and conditions beard or mustache

  • Protects against dryness

  • Provides healthy shine

  • Unscented for a comfortable all day wear




Directions: Shake bottle gently. Splash a small amount in palm. Rub hands together and work into beard. Massage from root to tip. Comb or brush through.



Let’s talk about a well groomed beard. Did you know that even the Vikings kept their beards conditioned and well kept? They either had short trimmed beards or long shaped beards. The Hollywood Norse man is a thing of fiction, these people were men who knew the value of keeping their appearances in check. Sources have said that cleanliness was very important to the Norse and grooming tools have been found by many archaeologists. If the Vikings did it why shouldn’t we? A man’s beard is a statement. Like your favorite t-shirt or a favorite tattoo, wear your beard proud and with a sense of honor. Go forth and conquer. 



Also comes in a Bay Rum scented version.


Beard Serum

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