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Admiral Fiber Pomade is the “Workhorse” of our styling products. Developed to work in a wide variety of hairstyles, our premium formulation uses Micro-Fibers to give hair both hold and flexibility. It’s perfect for a loose pomp, a classic side-part or even that messy beach look. Infused with MICA Mineral (That’s what gives it that sparkle) to promote hair health and prevent breakage.

Strength of Hold: Light/Medium/Strong depending on amount used
Fragrance: Subtle Vanilla
Application: Tacky/Thick
Shine/Finish: Low to Medium Shine
Style Types: Messy Pompadour/Natural Part
Performance (Hours): Product will keep shape for 4-6 Hours
Packaging: Single Walled Amber Jar + Steel Lid
Weight: 4oz/118ml
Manufacturing Origin: Los Angeles, California
Important Ingredient Notes: Paraben Free and Fabricated using plant based preservatives

Admiral fiber Pomade

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