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Have a friend that looks like a lost dog and just isnt getting the hint? Buy him a Dude Hut gift voucher and he will receive the full treatment! Available in all values above $20, the gift voucher is the best alternative to telling him directly! Our craftsmen and women know how to make you look like Brad Pitt (minus the divorce related stress bit).


The $70 gift voucher allows your friend to come in and get the full service. A hair cut and cut throat shave all in the one package. Expected to take about 45 minutes and about two beers, the full service is only for the people who so desperately desire comfortability and relaxation. Our barbers have the softest of touches and the finest skills to make your face look like your year seven school photo again. We can make you go from Grizzly Adams to Macauley Culkin in his home alone years (we could make you look like his more recent years, but that would defeat the purpose of looking good).

$75 Gift Voucher

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