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Have a friend that looks like a lost dog and just isnt getting the hint? Buy him a Dude Hut gift voucher and he will receive the full treatment! Available in all values above $20, the gift voucher is the best alternative to telling him directly! Our craftsmen and women know how to make you look like Brad Pitt (minus the divorce related stress bit).


If you are more looking at the full FULL package, we suggest the $100 gift voucher. This will allow your friend, who is a bit rough around the edges, to come into the Dude Hut, get a cut throat shave and a dapper hair cut as well as walking away with some incredible pomades, beard oils or balms. Our barbers can only make you look good for so long, it is up to your to do this rest - because you are a big boy. Our pomades and balms will make you look like you are fresh from the barber as soon as you get out of bed. 

$100 Gift Voucher

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